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"The Muppet Show Theme" (OK Go)
"The Rainbow Connection" (Weezer and Hayley Williams)
"Mahna Mahna" (The Fray)
"Movin' Right Along" (Aklaline Trio)
"Our World" (My Morning Jacket)
"Halfway Down the Stairs" (Amy Lee)
"Mr. Bassman" (Sondre Lerche)
"Wishing Song" (The Airborne Toxic Event)
"Night Life" (Brandon Saller and Billy Martin)
"Bein' Green" (Andrew Bird)
"I Hope That Somethin' Better Comes Along" (Matt Nathanson)
"I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" (Rachael Yamagata)

Track 1:

played by:

Track 2:

played by:

as well as

Track 3:

played by:

Track 4:

played by:

Track 5:

played by:

Track 6:

played by:

Track 7:

played by:

Track 8:

played by:

Track 9:

played by:


Track 10:

played by:

Track 11:

played by:

and Track 12:

played by:
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So... a heads up and query to all west-coast friends of either Lynx, myself, or the both.

The Heads Up: We're going on a pacific-costal roadtrip for vacation this year, starting May 9 and running through May 22. Our ultimate destination before returning home will be Seattle, WA. We head out I-40, hit Flagstaff, south past Phoenix, west to San Diego, and then meander north on 5.

The Query: Who all wants a visit/possible couch surfers?

We are willing to go fairly out of our way to visit any and all who may be on our route, so comment awaaayyy~.

(Cori, San Francisco is a given - we're hoping to spend two days with you and your papa!)
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I'll miss you, mom.

Now edited.


Nov. 11th, 2008 09:09 am
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So remember how the Mormons do that posthumous baptism thing?

Apparently they've been doing it to Holocaust victims.
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I want to open my windows back up, but with the wind gusting as it is... i'm pretty sure some stuff would fall down. And that is completely unacceptable. Sigh.

In other news, i am slowly getting stuff put away. This morning i figured out the electronics. This afternoon is probably going to be the kitchen. This evening, sometime after 8pm, i fully expect our internet to be our internet, and not just some stolen wireless. And maybe mike/myself can do something about the desktop. We are currently using the laptop, which is rather slow.

--I set up our liquor bottles, they do look pretty.--
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Dear person who just fainted next to me:

When standing for long periods of time at the short-term use computers (that is why they have no chairs, ya know) please do not lock your legs. Please, please, please do not lock your legs. For your health (and wallet - someone might actually think there's something wrong, you could get a concussion and end up having to pay tons of money in ambulance fees), and for the sake of the lady who freaked out (and scared the rest of us into thinking you were dead), please do not lock your legs.

A Fellow Student


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